Flower Of Life Concepts

The Flower of Life

The flower of life is one of the strongest sacred geometric shapes. It is composed of evenly-spaced, overlapping circles arranged with six-fold symmetry like a hexagon. The perfect form, and ratios of the Flower of Life have been known worldwide for many generations.

The ancient pattern has been found in sites all over the world. It has been found in Ireland, Turkey, England, Israel, Egypt, China, Tibet, Greece, India, and Japan to name only a few. The measurements contained in the flower of life are the same ones found in many aspects of nature.

The perfect measurements, seen as the flawless language of perception and shape have since been used in the construction of temples and other buildings throughout history. Sacred geometry is often referred to as “the Math of God” since the measurements and ratios found in the shapes, are also repeated throughout conscious creation.

Along with being proportionately sound, the Flower of Life design has been accredited with assisting the awareness/RE-membrance process of the evolution of conscious beings. Visual Art, like music is immensely capable of communicating frequencies and ideas in seconds that pages of words don’t describe to a satisfactory level.

When worn, drawn, or observed during meditation, the venerated Patterns have been accredited with bestowing a sense of unity, and understanding in the initiate. This property can be accredited to not only the vast amounts of energy the shape has collected throughout the ages, but also to the perfect visual harmonies contained within.

The most common form of the ‘Flower of Life’ is hexagonal pattern where the center of each circle is on the circumference of six surrounding circles of the same diameter, It is made up of 19 complete circles and 36 partial arcs, enclosed by a large circle.

Other forms

The Flower of Life is akin to an actual flower in more ways than appearance and name. It closely resembles the cycle of a fruit tree (tree to flower to fruit to seed and back to a tree) The natural process is paralleled by the geometries of creation. (true story O.o)

The Seed of Life

The Seed of life is composed from seven circles being placed with sixfold symmetry, forming a pattern of circles and shapes which are a basic component of the Flower of Life’s design. The Seed of Life is directly credited by some to parallel the seven days of creation from the Torah/Bible. The Six circles can represent a single day in creation. With the placing of the sixth circle, a seventh one is magnificently created making an additional day of circling unnecessary. This property stays true to the story found in Genesis (2:2 By the seventh day God (spirit) had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.)

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is generally recognized from the Kabbalah, but the origin of this shape cannot be accredited to any one demographic. It is a pattern that is intimately part of nature and cannot be claimed (solely) by any culture. As stated above, the geometry mirrors the relationship of an actual tree. This means that the Seed of Life contains the tree of life. There is another version of Tree of Life that contains twelve components which allows it to fit perfectly within the greater Flower of Life.
The Fruit of Life
The Fruit of Life is composed of 13 circles taken from the Flower of Life design. It has been called ‘the blueprint of the universe’, containing the basis for the design of every atom, molecular structure, life form, and everything in existence.

Other stories

As stated before, the Flower of Life and the shapes produced from it are derived from or directly related to the structures found in nature. These include the geometry and numerology-inspired mysticism of the Pythagorean thinkers and the alchemists, as well as fractal geometry discovered through science.

Bees construct their hexagonal cells, mathematical concepts like the golden ratio, and the Fibonacci sequence can also be found in flowers, snowflakes, galaxies, the orbit of planets, and many other places. The ratios can even be found in the measurement of sound waves.

These blueprints are also present in Stonehenge and other acclaimed ‘Sacred sites’. In fact, if one were to take a flower of life and superimpose it over a globe of the same size, the individual would find that many of the points co respond with Sacred Sites.

This is what Jeshua says
So what does this all mean? What is the significance of wearing/possessing depictions of sacred geometry? Well to answer that, I ask you to bring your attention to any number of lucky/religious symbols. We live in a world shaped by our expectation/acceptance of source energy.

Symbols like the Celtic knot, the cross, the manji, and many others have special resonance with the individual. This resonance is due partially to the relationship of the individual with the symbolism, and partially to the significance of the shapes to consciousness as a whole.

Certain symbols cease to be relevant outside conventional perspective, but you’ll find that some of the most prominent spiritual symbols derive from Sacred Geometry. Two examples would be the star tetrahedron (star or David) and the pentagram, which can both be constructed out of the flower of life.

It is widely apparent that these two symbols are significant, from the seemingly ageless history and various uses for the symbols. The pentagram has been used for, magic and Wicca, Pythagorean sects, and (yes) even Christianity. The Star Tetrahedron also known as Metatron’s cube also makes an appearance in the Flower of Life. The Star of David or Star Tetrahedron can also be correlated to the Merkabah energy field.

There is something inexplicably magnetic about such shapes. The significance begins to make a bit more sense when we remember that these same patterns, or at least the originators of the patterns appear ALL THROUGHOUT CREATION, not just in the world of the humans. The Bees, the ice, the molecules, the cells, the plants, and even the stars are included. The association with the very blueprints of the universe is an auspicious one.

Now we introduce another element- Mediums (An intervening substance through which something else is transmitted or carried on). Also known as sacred objects. In conscious history, objects have been crafted out of just about everything. Most prominently stone, wood, metal, and glass stand out in the human experience. Crystals are also significant, but I am lumping those in with stone for now.

The above mentioned materials are already hallmark in the building of not only constructs, but once again symbols, talismans, charms etc. So what happens when one combines the two elements. When we are no longer only drawing the Flower of life, but instead recreating it and it’s components out of venerated materials such as crystal, or metal, or glass?

Earlier It was mentioned that people have experienced profound changes (both mental and physical) from their association with Sacred Geometry: wearing a shirt or a hat with the flower of life, having pictures to look at, pendants to wear etc.. A strong case can be made that the Flower of Life and resulting patterns greatly impact the human experience.

Since threes are auspicious, let us make one final addition. If we have a flower of life design constructed out of one of the venerated materials- this is already a very powerful item using our logic from before. The question is what happens when the medium is introduced to the light of the sun? What happens when the Flower of Life pattern is constructed out of Dichroic glass and used to filter/reflect the very sunlight which sustains and illuminates our world…? (cliff hanger)

This article written by Jonchele … Jeshua Morningstar

Intro To Dichroic Glass Bevels And Jewels


My name is Steven Michael, the architect of the only system in the retail world of creating Dichroic Glass Bevels and Jewels.

After developing a system of creating my own dichroic jewels in 1997, I have been using them in my stained glass creations ever since. At that time there were no dichroic glass bevels or jewels in the retail world let alone a method available to do so. After developing the jewel applications; I quickly adapted to creating dichroic bevels and have incorporated these unique one of a kind components in well over 650 stained glass applications. From incredible doors of entryways to panels of various shapes of sizes, my creations using the dichroic components have gained tremendous attention. Over the years so many people have asked where I bought the unique beauties and how they also could get them.

It is within the last 12 months that I have crafted a user friendly method that is easily teachable through a video platform. In developing this video format, I also realized that it would be essential to offer a kit that would facilitate the lesson plan. Over the past year both the kit and videos have grown tremendously in rich information that is easily absorbed and put to practice by folks that have paid for my lesson plan kits. Currently, I have now adapted the bevel and jewel format to stained glass textures now in taking the program of inventiveness to a level with endless possibilities. Also in the current planning is a live skype relationship of one on one mentoring. Another soon opportunity is a live forum of teaching via subscribers as well as subscriber only design developmental program, so many exciting developments currently available now as well as in the near future!

Don’t delay in missing out on the opportunity of incorporating the highest level of color consciousness in your stained glass program. Contact me now at askdichroglassman@yahoo.com 828-419-0479 and now building my current website of DichroGlassMan.com

Dichroic Glassman Youtube Videos


Wow had no idea when I started my Youtube channel in 2008 that it would be where it is today with over 1.03 million views and growing. Who knew? I know I sure didn’t. I would like to say that I am 100% self taught. Yes sure I looked at others pieces and churches etc and bought lots of pattern books but never took a class anywhere in stained glass or fused glass. Also never looked at pattern books for any process other than for designs. My glass road started out by watching an artist for about 30 minutes in a craft environment and the rest is my own history. I made my first panel (upon which I still have-lol) and with what I saw, I connected the dots on my own. With no training of art or business whatsoever I started the journey. In 2008 I felt confident enough and compelled to help others in taking what I saw as my own techniques and such as through they worked and started growing the videos to where I have made somewhere around 600 or so. Many are no longer on Youtube as I was really starting to give away the farm as they say and thought that someday they may be worth something so I began pulling a bunch down. Besides I did not fully realize the potential benefits and value then, nor had I ever heard of AdSense either.

Over the past year it has become tremendously apparent that a lot of folks have really benefited by my free videos. If I only knew how many hundreds if not thousands of hours I put into those videos by making them – juggling a camera in one hand and trying to express with the other with soldering irons, drills etc even while my shop Pixiebob cats ran across my bench and all. Funny many folks loved those days of me and my cats in the videos then but alas they mostly wanted stained glass or glass related videos so that sort of ended. Getting back to the benefits of others I also have had a lot of people tell me they got more out of my videos for processes and methods than most of the paid for classes they were taking from glass classes or other learning programs. Wow what a feeling every time a person commented on how they received benefits. I am so grateful in this respect as many have even emailed me to say so or posted on my Facebooks: Dichroic Glassman and Dichro Glassman as such. Kevin R. and a few others have even related that they have had NO other instruction other than my videos and of course like me … they connected the dots in their own way to eventually develop their own processes.

So the reality is that there are many reasons of going to a learning pay per view platform now as well as whew, to even think of getting some monetary enumeration for all the thousands of hours of even uploading the videos. Many folks do not realize that when my internet was slow that it sometimes took 4 hours to upload a video because of errors, yet I felt compelled to stay at it. Did not realize that by converting to MP4 that it would have lessened the load tremendously as well but hey ….. I did this all off the cuff of not even knowing how all this new modern day technology even worked. Funny in many ways I still do not know yet my zeal and energy of wanting to help or contribute motivates me to stay with the drive. Pretty much every video is an idea I had on how or why the deed could be done. I basically made things up as I went and in almost every single case they worked every time so to me it was a repeatable science so to speak.

Getting to the subscription idea really excites me obviously but the bigger picture is that an out-picture of this is so that I can next create an online learning channel of being LIVE! I already have the dot.com for it as well and if I said what it is I think you would say it was pretty darn clever in the name!

So I am now at the point of wanting feedback on what that nominal price for a subscription monthly rate would be where a person can view all the videos in various categories and order. call 828.419.0479 or email me
thank you in advance
Steven Michael aka DichroGlassMan and DichroicGlassman

*** this is an area that I am definitely open tio the idea of networking or working with others who might have Dynamic ideas of this and such … even the possibilities of business potential as well as other video formats etc. In other words I definitely want to throw this idea out there that it has come time to see how you and I can potentially take things to a Higher Conscious Level

Why Some Are So Drawn To Glass?

Hello from Steven Michael aka Dichoic and Dichro Glassman

In being available in the public forums in so many ways, having the wonderful opportunity to talk to so many folks, I thought I would put a common issue into words for the first time for me. I have revealed these ideas to many on the phone, but this is my first in words as a blog or other!

Have you ever wondered why you may be so drawn to glass or glass items as through it was an insatiable drive within you? Do you or have you tried many other forms of artistic expression yet you may find yourself always coming back to glass>? This may reveal a new, fun and unique interpretation of what may be going on within you.

So here is my fun story of Creative Possibilities:
If the question was …”If we were able to travel through time, in what form or unit of measurement would that be in? For me it would be thru light as it is the fastest unit of speed/travel known to man. If we could agree on that note then we might also agree that glass may just be the best vehicle to express that. Even though I have seen tremendous other incredible forms of artistic expression from clay, metal, fibers and such, they for the most part cannot conduct the light aspects in large. Beautiful other forms and well worth the investments yet lacking in the light conductivity as glass may afford.
Now set that thought aside for another point! In a perfect world if all humanity could be honest and think or act as a 4 or 5 year old with child-like inquisitiveness, no matter what the job career or beliefs we would have but with a child-like mind of life ….. Love and Innocence, wouldn’t we all be dancing in the rainbows of light created by reflections of a bevel or hanging crystals in our windows. Have you ever witness those incredible little rainbows of light coming off a crystal chandelier bouncing off a wall or on the floor creating geeky smiles and maybe even seen children dancing in them. My cats even like chasing those rainbow reflections on the floor. So really- who would hate the images of a kaleidoscope, the colors of crystals reflecting?

In some easily conceivable way, we are all children of light! No matter what career, vocations of life or belief, we all seem to be drawn to colors or agents of light!
So what does al this mean? My summary is that if you keep finding yourself being drawn to glass then in an energy-sense you are an emissary or ambassador of light. I believe glass is the greatest or could be generally accepted – conductor of light!
If you in fact can resonate with these ideas that…
1} light is good, light is life, light could embrace love
2} glass may be the best conductor and expression of light
3} no amount of darkness can consume light!
4} so many other metaphors come to mind ….. sayings like… “shed some light on the subject” or “In light of such and such” and so many more

My intuitive mind tells me that if you are in fact in love with light and drawn to glass…. that you are a leader and torch bearer. Be as the Light unto the World. Perhaps in looking at your life you have been seen and watched as someone that indeed has leadership qualities. A person acknowledged as knowing something as through likened to a person holding that torch of light – lighting that otherwise path of darkness that not only you benefiting from that torch of light but seemingly as though you are compelled to hold that torch for others. Do you see yourself holding that role of Being that torch bearer and delighting others with your glass expressions of various forms of light and color?
To me, if your are insatiable about light then you are a leader and have a tremendous role in life bringing light to others.
More so now than ever, many folks have held my dichroic fused glass creations or a dichroic stained glass panel and said it seemed as though these creations held an energy within it and it made people smile. Yes, there is an intentional energy I put into all my glass creations and it is my profound Gratitude of Love and Light. I am an ambassador of light and I profoundly accept my role of bringing light unto the world.
I hope my story and ideas evoke a sense within that is good and life-giving. As a glass artist see yourself as a bringer of light and take that role to a high conscious level within yourself.

Thank you,
Steven Michael

My First Dichroglassman.com Blog

Hello this is Steven Michael aka Dichro / Dichroic Glassman.
This is my very first blog on my newest website that is in the beginning processes of being a website with New, Fresh and Innovative ideas.
Seen as not only smart informative ideas and methods but perhaps employing Mind set ideals of Self Empowerment. Through sensible lesson plans based on the YES I can do this attitudes, to a platform being built to give those Re-enforcement values.

In the last 12 months I have sold my 2 strongest lesson plans to the public for the very first time. One is based on fusing glass and the other is based on anyone being able to create their own Dichroic Glass Bevels and Jewels. During this time I have had the utmost privilege of talking to so many extra-ordinary folks and what an honor and utmost Gratitude that these folks have confided with me on so many levels. Ideas of frustrations they may have on many levels yet hearing many folks say they have been so charged up with their own beliefs after discovering me on my Youtube channel of DichroicGlassMan. Again I am Grateful for this idea of so many wonderful comments as well as compliments.

I am so Blessed with Self-Realizations that I have an ability to speak to people in a way that seems different. I employ ideas of the yes-you-can attitudes and many have told me that they see themselves in a bigger or more imaginative way now.