Why Some Are So Drawn To Glass?

Hello from Steven Michael aka Dichoic Glass Man

In being available in the public forums in so many ways, having the wonderful opportunity to talk to so many folks, I thought I would put a common issue into words for the first time for me. I have revealed these ideas to many on the phone, but this is my first in words as a blog or other!

Have you ever wondered why you may be so drawn to glass or glass items as through it was an insatiable drive within you? Do you or have you tried many other forms of artistic expression yet you may find yourself always coming back to glass? This may reveal a new, fun and unique interpretation of what may be going on within you.

So here is my fun story of Creative Possibilities:

If the question was …”If we were able to travel through time, in what form or unit of measurement would that be in? For me it would be thru light as it is the fastest unit of speed/travel known to man. If we could agree on that note then we might also agree that glass may just be the best vehicle to express that. Even though I have seen tremendous other incredible forms of artistic expression from clay, metal, fibers and such, they for the most part cannot conduct the light aspects in large. Beautiful other forms and well worth the investments yet lacking in the light conductivity as glass may afford.

Now set that thought aside for another point! In a perfect world if all humanity could be honest and think or act as a 4 or 5 year old with child-like inquisitiveness, no matter what the job career or beliefs we would have but with a child-like mind of life ….. Love and Innocence, wouldn’t we all be dancing in the rainbows of light created by reflections of a bevel or hanging crystals in our windows. Have you ever witnessed those incredible little rainbows of light coming off a crystal chandelier bouncing off a wall or on the floor creating geeky smiles and maybe even seen children dancing in them. My cats even like chasing those rainbow reflections on the floor. So really- who would hate the images of a kaleidoscope, the colors of crystals reflecting?

In some easily conceivable way, we are all children of light! No matter what career, vocations of life or belief, we all seem to be drawn to colors or agents of light!

So what does al this mean? My summary is that if you keep finding yourself being drawn to glass then in an energy-sense you are an emissary or ambassador of light. I believe glass is the greatest or could be generally accepted – conductor of light!
If you in fact can resonate with these ideas that…
1} light is good, light is life, light could embrace love
2} glass may be the best conductor and expression of light
3} no amount of darkness can consume light!
4} so many other metaphors come to mind ….. sayings like… “shed some light on the subject” or “In light of such and such” and so many more

My intuitive mind tells me that if you are in fact in love with light and drawn to glass…. that you are a leader and torch bearer. Be as the Light unto the World. Perhaps in looking at your life you have been seen and watched as someone that indeed has leadership qualities. A person acknowledged as knowing something as through likened to a person holding that torch of light – lighting that otherwise path of darkness that not only you benefiting from that torch of light but seemingly as though you are compelled to hold that torch for others. Do you see yourself holding that role of Being that torch bearer and delighting others with your glass expressions of various forms of light and color?

To me, if your are insatiable about light then you are a leader and have a tremendous role in life bringing light to others.

More so now than ever, many folks have held my dichroic fused glass creations or a dichroic stained glass panel and said it seemed as though these creations held an energy within it and it made people smile. Yes, there is an intentional energy I put into all my glass creations and it is my profound Gratitude of Love and Light. I am an ambassador of light and I profoundly accept my role of bringing light unto the world.

I hope my story and ideas evoke a sense within that is good and life-giving. As a glass artist see yourself as a bringer of light and take that role to a high conscious level within yourself.

Thank you,
Steven Michael