Blood Orange Honey


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This  borosilicate dichroic laminate gem set in sterling silver reminds one of its cousin, “Ruby in Honey”. This time, imagine a slice of blood orange has been made square, and lightly placed in a saucer of clover honey. What do you see in its dramatic reverse?


Made in collaboration with DichroicGlassman and Fatal Facets.

Head over to and @fatalfacets to see more of his work.

Each pendant ships with a beautiful L.E.D. illuminated boutique box.

Certificate of Authenticity from both artists included.


13mm x 13mm
45 facets
9.25 carats

Its is our hope that these pendants, when held in hand or worn above the heart, help you focus your intention and find at least a little light— one might imagine that these are portals connecting you to the higher sources, and to the people who also adorn such soul connections.


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