Standard Dichroic Glass

I have been making dichroic glass cabochons and listing them on Ebay since 1998 under the name IndianaGlassMan. After selling thousands as listings and to many folks buying in bulk, I decided to sell my methods to the public within the last year.  The biggest innovative thing about this particular cabochon series is that all the cabochons are fused 1 time only and that is under 1 hour! I only use and advocate a manual kiln for my Lesson Plan processes (see lesson plans). I fire all the cabochons in this series 1 time then I grind each one to my desired shape and fire-polish the cab to a finished state. Fire-polishing is NOT a full fuse process ….. means taking a ground edge to a smooth finished state.

Not only do I sell the Lesson Plan comprised of 40 exclusive videos but I also sell the cabochons themselves from time to time. With a $250 minimum I am always open to creating custom high quality cabochons for your needs.
lesson plan is $275 comprised of 40 exclusive videos.

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