Stained Glass Textures

Actually this is the very first area I ever addressed in Dichroics. I had a lot of textures coated early in the day when TLC (Thin Layer Coatings) was in business which was over 15 years ago. They were the very first I believe coating dichroics. There were a few other companies developing as well and they were Occli and Savoy for the folks that remember them.

At this time I pretty much had every stained glass texture or (architectural textures) coated with dichroic coatings. It was dynamic then however that glass suffered a lot of issues that I will get into later as the site develops.

CBS has not coated any stained glass textures for anyone in the USA for over 5 years so that tells you how rare this technique is.

I am thinking about bring this back as I was one of the major customers of this type many years ago and now when I bring it back again there will be a few changes I will be offering it in.

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