Fruit Of Life

The Fruit of Life is also contained within the Flower of Life however in this case now has 24 Dichroic petals.

The Tree of Life:

The Tree of Life is generally recognized from the Kabbalah, but the origin of this shape cannot be accredited to any one demographic. It is a pattern that is intimately part of nature and cannot be claimed (solely) by any culture. As stated above, the geometry mirrors the relationship of an actual tree. This means that the Seed of Life contains the tree of life. There is another version of Tree of Life that contains twelve components which allows it to fit perfectly within the greater Flower of Life.

The Fruit of Life:

The Fruit of Life is composed of 13 circles taken from the Flower of Life design. It has been called ‘the blueprint of the universe’, containing the basis for the design of every atom, molecular structure, life form, and everything in existence.

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Other stories:

As stated before, the Flower of Life and the shapes produced from it are derived from or directly related to the structures found in nature. These include the geometry and numerology-inspired mysticism of the Pythagorean thinkers and the alchemists, as well as fractal geometry discovered through science.

Bees construct their hexagonal cells, mathematical concepts like the golden ratio, and the Fibonacci sequence can also be found in flowers, snowflakes, galaxies, the orbit of planets, and many other places. The ratios can even be found in the measurement of sound waves.

These blueprints are also present in Stonehenge and other acclaimed ‘Sacred sites’. In fact, if one were to take a flower of life and superimpose it over a globe of the same size, the individual would find that many of the points co respond with Sacred Sites.