Bevel N Jewels

The images you see here are of the Dichroic Glass Bevels and Jewels are snippets of panels I have created to express the amazing Beauty and Dynamic Appeal of the Dichroic Elements.

I sell a lesson plan that not only teaches how a person can create the same Dichroic effects as seen here, but also also comes with a full kit of supplies and materials needed to start the process. An avenue of how to procure the ongoing supplies needed is also provided so that the customer will be independently able to continue with the process in their own individual way, therefore giving the person their own feeling of confidence. The idea is called a cold-process, and you will NOT need a kiln or even a glass beveler. The ONLY additional tools required is a standard glass grinder and standard glass cutter as all else necessary is supplied in kit form.

I would like to say as this website develops and you are interested in joining on this “Only in the Retail World System” of creating Dichroic Glass Bevels and Jewels ….. then contact me directly so as not to miss out!

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”5″ gal_title=”Bevel-N-Jewel”] Currently the Lesson Plan is comprised of 2 parts…

1) – Copywritten Intellectual Property comprised of  videos on my private Youtube channel available to customer on unlimited basis – $150

2) – Material/Supply Kit comprised of items – $200

the total is $325 + $15 s/h Contiental USA and $325 + $22.50 s/h within the USA.  International rates vary starting at $65.

I am making the whole process experience of creating Dichroic Glass Bevels and Jewels to the World therefore shipping International is WELCOMED and to add to that … My Lesson Plan is now in 9 foreign countries

I will be offering private lessons and tutoring via Skype soon as well as a LIVE forum!

Stay tuned and Contact me NOW!