My First Blog

Hello this is Steven Michael aka Dichro / Dichroic Glassman.
This is my very first blog on my newest website that is in the beginning processes of being a website with New, Fresh and Innovative ideas.
Seen as not only smart informative ideas and methods but perhaps employing Mind set ideals of Self Empowerment. Through sensible lesson plans based on the YES I can do this attitudes, to a platform being built to give those Re-enforcement values.

In the last 12 months I have sold my 2 strongest lesson plans to the public for the very first time. One is based on fusing glass and the other is based on anyone being able to create their own Dichroic Glass Bevels and Jewels. During this time I have had the utmost privilege of talking to so many extra-ordinary folks and what an honor and utmost Gratitude that these folks have confided with me on so many levels. Ideas of frustrations they may have on many levels yet hearing many folks say they have been so charged up with their own beliefs after discovering me on my Youtube channel of DichroicGlassMan. Again I am Grateful for this idea of so many wonderful comments as well as compliments.

I am so Blessed with Self-Realizations that I have an ability to speak to people in a way that seems different. I employ ideas of the yes-you-can attitudes and many have told me that they see themselves in a bigger or more imaginative way now.

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