Bevel N Jewels Lesson Plan

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After developing a system of creating my own dichroic jewels in 1997, I have been using them in my stained glass creations ever since. At that time there were no dichroic glass bevels or jewels in the retail world let alone a method available to do so. After developing the jewel applications; I quickly adapted to creating dichroic bevels and have incorporated these unique one of a kind components in well over 650 stained glass applications. From incredible doors of entryways to panels of various shapes of sizes, my creations using the dichroic components have gained tremendous attention. Over the years so many people have asked where I bought the unique beauties and how they also could get them.

It is within the last 12 months that I have crafted a user friendly method that is easily teachable through a video platform. In developing this video format, I also realized that it would be essential to offer a kit that would facilitate the lesson plan. Over the past year both the kit and videos have grown tremendously in rich information that is easily absorbed and put to practice by folks that have paid for my lesson plan kits. Currently, I have now adapted the bevel and jewel format to stained glass textures now in taking the program of inventiveness to a level with endless possibilities. Also in the current planning is a live skype relationship of one on one mentoring. Another soon opportunity is a live forum of teaching via subscribers as well as subscriber only design developmental program, so many exciting developments currently available now as well as in the near future!

Don’t delay in missing out on the opportunity of incorporating the highest level of color consciousness in your stained glass program.