Dichro GlassMan Shop

As I grow this section I will be adding images, ideas and supportive videos leading to a very clear understanding of how and where you would benefit by my lesson plans – often with supportive kits!

Currently I do in fact offer lesson plans and the 2 main ones that I will be dedicating my current time and efforts are :

1) Standard Cabochon Fusing Plans – (Video Lessons Only)

2) Dichroic Glass Bevels and Jewels – (Video Lessons and Supportive Kit/Supplies)

I Ship the lesson plan/kit for bevels and jewels WORLDWIDE!

Since it will take some time and clarity to set the page up the way I see it, I thought I would re-enforce the notion that during the build process – folks can contact me through the following:

828.419.0479      askdichroglassman@yahoo.com