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Wow had no idea when I started my Youtube channel in 2008 that it would be where it is today with over 1.03 million views and growing. Who knew? I know I sure didn’t. I would like to say that I am 100% self taught. Yes sure I looked at others pieces and churches etc and bought lots of pattern books but never took a class anywhere in stained glass or fused glass. Also never looked at pattern books for any process other than for designs. My glass road started out by watching an artist for about 30 minutes in a craft environment and the rest is my own history. I made my first panel (upon which I still have-lol) and with what I saw, I connected the dots on my own. With no training of art or business whatsoever I started the journey. In 2008 I felt confident enough and compelled to help others in taking what I saw as my own techniques and such as through they worked and started growing the videos to where I have made somewhere around 600 or so. Many are no longer on Youtube as I was really starting to give away the farm as they say and thought that someday they may be worth something so I began pulling a bunch down. Besides I did not fully realize the potential benefits and value then, nor had I ever heard of AdSense either.

Over the past year it has become tremendously apparent that a lot of folks have really benefited by my free videos. If I only knew how many hundreds if not thousands of hours I put into those videos by making them – juggling a camera in one hand and trying to express with the other with soldering irons, drills etc even while my shop Pixiebob cats ran across my bench and all. Funny many folks loved those days of me and my cats in the videos then but alas they mostly wanted stained glass or glass related videos so that sort of ended. Getting back to the benefits of others I also have had a lot of people tell me they got more out of my videos for processes and methods than most of the paid for classes they were taking from glass classes or other learning programs. Wow what a feeling every time a person commented on how they received benefits. I am so grateful in this respect as many have even emailed me to say so or posted on my Facebooks: Dichroic Glassman and Dichro Glassman as such. Kevin R. and a few others have even related that they have had NO other instruction other than my videos and of course like me … they connected the dots in their own way to eventually develop their own processes.

So the reality is that there are many reasons of going to a learning pay per view platform now as well as whew, to even think of getting some monetary enumeration for all the thousands of hours of even uploading the videos. Many folks do not realize that when my internet was slow that it sometimes took 4 hours to upload a video because of errors, yet I felt compelled to stay at it. Did not realize that by converting to MP4 that it would have lessened the load tremendously as well but hey ….. I did this all off the cuff of not even knowing how all this new modern day technology even worked. Funny in many ways I still do not know yet my zeal and energy of wanting to help or contribute motivates me to stay with the drive. Pretty much every video is an idea I had on how or why the deed could be done. I basically made things up as I went and in almost every single case they worked every time so to me it was a repeatable science so to speak.

Getting to the subscription idea really excites me obviously but the bigger picture is that an out-picture of this is so that I can next create an online learning channel of being LIVE! I already have the dot.com for it as well and if I said what it is I think you would say it was pretty darn clever in the name!

So I am now at the point of wanting feedback on what that nominal price for a subscription monthly rate would be where a person can view all the videos in various categories and order. call 828.419.0479 or email me
thank you in advance
Steven Michael aka DichroGlassMan and DichroicGlassman

*** this is an area that I am definitely open tio the idea of networking or working with others who might have Dynamic ideas of this and such … even the possibilities of business potential as well as other video formats etc. In other words I definitely want to throw this idea out there that it has come time to see how you and I can potentially take things to a Higher Conscious Level

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