Steven Michael
The Dichroic Glassman


Hello, and welcome to my digital dichroic haven. This is website is home to my reality-transcending creations that display the true dimensionality of light.

It's my hope that as you browse the pictures and writings on this website, you will see aspects of yourself reflected in the dynamic color shifiting dichroics.

As the story goes, for those with eyes to see let them see...

If you are seeking, may you find the pearls of self-reflection hidden within the pages of this website.

- Steven Michael


I have been creating glass art for more than three decades, and for 21 of those years I have been focused on incorporating dichroic glass into my works in new and innovative ways… from dichroic jewels in stained glass panels for doors, cabochons, glass jewelry, and dichroic sculpture. I dance and play among both the symmetrical and the abstract in my art, and my works now live in both private residences and commercial installations.

One of my favorite commercial installations is the two peacocks that you see in the image to the right. A beautiful family from India commissioned me to install them in their hotel lobby. This piece incorporates dichroic jewels into the stained glass, which were framed into panels and installed completely by yours truly… as you might imagine this was an extremely heavy installation for the one man operation that is myself, but the outcome is a beautiful display that is cherished by the family. The owners tell me that when his friends visit the hotel, they are captivated by the birds as soon as they enter the hotel lobby.

My portfolio page is currently undergoing a facelift, but if you check back when it is live on the website there will be a link to see a gallery of my other installations, including the work I did for the Mellow Mushroom Pizzeria in Asheville, North Carolina. Be sure to follow me on instagram @dichroicglassman to be notified when the gallery is open!

As beautiful as working with dichroic glass is, it has not all been sunshine and rainbows for me…

Image Image

We all have our challenges and obstacles, and creating dichroic glass art has been my most precious form of self-therapy. I don’t want to get too sappy here, but in the spirit of telling my full story so that you can better know the artist behind the work, I’m going to tell you about some of the challenges I face on a daily basis…

I have had difficulties with the standard way of learning for my entire life, and you may be surprised to learn that I am on the autistic spectrum with Asperger Syndrome. This means that language hasn’t come easy for me, and the way I perceive the world is very different from most, so interacting with people was typically a lonely and isolating experience.

You may be surprised to learn that I’m also 87% color blind, and with these complications, my brain compensated by adding sensory synesthesia to the way I perceive the world. For those unfamiliar, synesthesia essentially means that some senses can create signals in other sensory areas. For instance, seeing a color could also have a specific smell, taste sound or other characteristic. For my sensory synesthesia, I feel color energies. As strange as it may sound, synesthesia has been studied by science, and if you're interested to learn more click here to watch a quick video about synesthesia. 

You may also notice a brace on my right leg in photos. This brace supports a lifelong mobility issue that I received after having my leg crushed by a horse during a ride when I was a child… and not too long ago, life threw another obstacle in my path when I was involved in a life-threatening automobile accident which caused severe head trauma. Apparently life didn’t feel like it had provided me with enough challenges and on April 13th of 2016 I had quintuple bypass open heart surgery to save me from a heart attack.

With all these challenges, it has certainly been a very painful and lonely journey that is likely hard to fully comprehend for most, but despite all these obstacles I am still here on Earth living and creating my unique expressions of light art through the medium of glass.

I do not consider any of this bad luck, buy my fate and destiny that has allowed me a very unique perspective to share my creations with the world so that people may get a glimpse of the beauty that I see.

Thank you for reading, and if you have  overcome challenges in your own life by leveraging the power of light, love, or art, please feel free to contact me and share your story with our community by sending a message through the contact page by clicking here.

If you feel inspired by my story and would like to support my work, please visit my online gallery and store to see what is currently available for purchase.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the man behind the dichroic glass.

Steven Michael