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About Dichroic GlassMan


Hello & I’d like to wish you a warm welcome from Steven Michael also known as Dichro Glassman. Announcing my latest platform of Expression …. the website you are now on. I purpose to make the experience of this website unique in many ways keeping in mind that I have a mission statement as well as some very clear ideas of how I can fully express my abilities in order to create a productive and positive business relationship.




Not only do I have your back ……. But I have your SUCCESS in mind!



I am a person who has had extreme challenges, often profound and life altering. Instead of succumbing to these difficulties, I chose to reveal my internal light to myself, through becoming one with light reflected in glass. As my artistry evolved so did my love and compassion for myself and others.


In my search to find the balance between artistic expression and exceptional technique, I discovered patterns within the glass artistry that were based in repeatable and teachable processes which can be relied upon to work every time. When practiced in increments, the process for each individual results in increased personal confidence, the experience of success, and continued growth. My vision of what is contained in a “lesson plan mentality” through personalized videos is a guide to create your personal and unique stained glass or fused glass experience.


Creating stain glass in synchronicity with a passion for light and balance guides individuals in the expansion of their vision internally and externally. My U-Tube Channel (Dichroic Glassman) includes a wealth of information at no cost to you. The process I offer here is more detailed and individualized. The Genesis Glass System is an easy, efficient mistake–free process that always results in a high quality product. I am not only excited about the results of my personal I creations, I am eager to share the advantages of The Genesis Glass System (GGS) as a foundational model for your most creative and technically exceptional designs as well. It is my intention to support the artistry inherent in stained glass as an individual reflection of the light and its external representation, creating a lasting achievement into the future for the artist and appreciative viewers.

Dichroic Glass Man