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Hello and welcome to my site

“Not only do I have your back, I have your success in the forefront of my mind”

(Who What Why)


I am a person who has had extreme challenges, often profound and life altering. Instead of succumbing to these difficulties, I chose to reveal my internal light to myself, through becoming one with light reflected in glass. As my artistry evolved so did my love and compassion for myself and others.


In my search to find the balance between artistic expression and exceptional technique, I discovered patterns within the glass artistry that were based in repeatable and teachable processes which can be relied upon to work every time. When practiced in increments, the process for each individual results in increased personal confidence, the experience of success, and continued growth. My vision of what is contained in a “lesson plan mentality” through personalized videos is a guide to create your personal and unique stained glass or fused glass experience.


Creating stain glass in synchronicity with a passion for light and balance guides individuals in the expansion of their vision internally and externally. My U-Tube Channel (Dichroic Glassman) includes a wealth of information at no cost to you. The process I offer here is more detailed and individualized. The Genesis Glass System is an easy, efficient mistake--free process that always results in a high quality product. I am not only excited about the results of my personal I creations, I am eager to share the advantages of The Genesis Glass System (GGS) as a foundational model for your most creative and technically exceptional designs as well. It is my intention to support the artistry inherent in stained glass as an individual reflection of the light and its external representation, creating a lasting achievement into the future for the artist and appreciative viewers.

Dichroic Glass Man

introduction of The Genesis Glass System (GGS) 

The system is a Mindset that sees or employs simple mechanical applications. Creating a foundation that focuses on accuracy, creating an easy and perfect natural order to obtain the image in your mind and apply it to a design. In using logical measurements and tools now merging with an empowered theoretical mind, creates a tremendous feeling of contribution that many artists seek.

 The system does NOT teach a person how to draw freehand but focuses on mechanical methods or procedures and the awareness arrived thereof where a person feels accuracy and with a bread crumb mentality has the abilities to replicate with confidence. For the first time ever .... a person might actually realize they may have always had a mechanical aptitude within themselves and now see a way to achieve that for themselves. Self realization coupled with a solution driven enthusiasm will provide a tremendous re-growth or solidify their own ideas. It is at this point that for many ... seeing their own design elements now can embrace and appreciate the free hand drawings and applications with new imaginative insights!

There are several levels to the system :

LEVEL 1 - The foundation - starting with an investment of approx $50, a person can acquire the LEVEL 1 tools needed for the process to achieve accuracy and realibility. The first learning video shows the tools in detail upon which many folks already have in the shops or homes. It is at this point where for many folks, this is where we connect the dots of your own mechanical abilities. We will identify these simple basic tools and realize how we can use them collectively for stained glass panel designs.


Level 2 - The beveled drafting tools of design. Yes you read right, we will be using bevels as drafting tools in not only a trace around way of things but for many, in a new way moving mechanical way to arrive at design. The physical set consists of 3 different sized faceted jewels and 42 bevels specially selected to give the user the broadest range of drafting ideas possible.

... because many folks are now entering the world of stained glass for the very first time, it is a golden opportunity to see shapes that may take many years to have that hands on experience with. I have created this all in one box at one time exciting feeling for others to benefit from the years of knowledge and experience I have so others can avoid that normal or usual expensive learning curve, saving time, a great deal of money and most importantly .... the level of confidence each and every one of us will need and want in order to justify our own stained glass desires.

... after we have examined the glass components supplied in the LEVEL 2 kit, we will move to see how we create a whole new world of design possibilities. With draftsman accuracy, I also introduce how to arrive at perfect symmetry that is so simple and easy, many will be fascinated about the unlimited amount of ideas you will individually come up with. Many of my own designs are drawn up in 30 minutes which often are comprised of hundreds of pieces of glass. If I can draw my design with draftsman accuracy (which most anyone can with this method) then that gives me a lot of confidence to move onto the next level - the Total method of how to make a beautiful stained glass panel in 1 day that would take much much longer learning the old conventional stained glass ways!

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